Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ordination of women priests--Part II

In an earlier blog, I presented the evidence that the Catholic Church considered the prohibition of women priestly ordination as infallible immutable dogma of faith, not merely a changeable discipline dependent upon cultural considerations. See more here:

Catholic ordination of women priests

In discussion with other Catholics, while they may realize that the Catholic Church holds to the above position, they don't understand why. They seem convinced that Jesus was a conformist, that he chose men only because he was conforming to the cultural views. I don't find the "Jesus was a conformist" argument very convincing, however. If Jesus wanted women priests, he would not have conformed to his culture. He simply would have chosen women to be among his priests. He didn't conform when it came to dining with harlots and tax collectors, so I see no reason why he would conform in the area of a male-only priesthood. It seems more likely that there were real theological reasons for Him to have established a male-only priesthood.

For those who want to understand the theology behind a male-only priesthood, I recommend the following article by Micheal Novak. In his article, Mr. Novak discusses the possible theological reasons underpinning the male-only priesthood established by Christ.

Women, Ordination, and Angels
by Michael Novak

Here's a link to another relevant article by Protestant author C.S. Lewis,

Priestesses in the Church?
by C.S. Lewis

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