Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sola Scriptura -- a slogan, not a reality

From a discussion on Sola Scriptura, JohnDee stated:
I am a protestant, but I don't believe in scripture alone, and most of the rest of us don't either. If the rest of the protestants believed in scripture alone, we wouldn't have all of those (annoying) TV preachers giving their half cents' worth. They have to get their ideas from somewhere (maybe the Holy Spirit, but I seriously doubt it), and most of them claim that God gives it to them directly, without consulting the Word to verify that they have the Truth. When I listen to some of the loco-weed inspired fluff-n-stuff that they preach, I begin [to]doubt that they have spoken with God for a looooong time. My point here is that even though Protestants claim to believe in scripture alone, in reality, they don't, and never did. We still listen to man and his interpretation (rightly or wrongly) of God's Word and even of simple every day events. (

I agree. Sola Scriptura is a slogan, not a reality. Protestants follow their "school of thought" or "extra-biblical helps" while they typically deny they do so. It's rather absurd. Here's a quote from the preface of the KJV bible, given to my wife by her Protestant family...

"For convenience in Bible study, the reader is referred to the major classifications of Bible Study Helps found in this special edition of THE OPEN BIBLE. ... In the case of the enlarging scope of archaeological study, constantly bringing new and helpful light on the past, some interpretations of these ancient times may be subject to adjustment. Some references in these study helps are items which can only be supplied from traditional sources. The reader will want to keep this in mind as well. In no instance, however, has the emerging light from these extra-Biblical sources ever done violence to or disturbed the central message of the eternal Word of God. These helps only serve to illuminate and make the brilliant gems of truth even brighter. (THE OPEN BIBLE, It is Written Heritage Edition, Authorized KJV, Thomas Nelson, Publishers, Nashville, TN, 1975)

Extra-biblical helps which "only serve to illuminate and make the brilliant gems of truth even brighter?" Hmmmm...isn't that what Catholics claim of Sacred Tradition, the judgments of the Councils, the Creeds, canon law, the teachings of the popes and Magisterium? It's seems our Protestant brethren "pick and choose" which of the so-called extra-biblical "helps" illuminate and which "helps" they reject and polemically label "traditions of men."

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