Sunday, August 20, 2006

"They must be lacking in holiness..."

Pope St. Pius X: "If one loves the Pope, one does not stop to ask the precise limits to which this duty of obedience extends… one does not seek to restrict the domain within which he can or should make his wishes felt; one does not oppose to the Pope’s authority that of others, however learned they may be, who differ from him. For however great their learning, they must be lacking in holiness, for there can be no holiness in dissension from the Pope. " (Pope St. Pius X, allocution of 18 November, 1912, AAS vol. 4 (1912), 693-695. Selection from p. 695)

This man is out to deceive
Catholics—and get them to vote pro-abortion.
Here's how you can help us stop him...

His name is James Carville. He says he is a Catholic. And yet he is:

  • pro-abortion,
  • pro-euthanasia,
  • pro-homosexual “marriage,” and
  • he endorses human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.

He also happens to be the top man in charge of “re-positioning” pro-abortion candidates so they can appeal to the Catholic voters.

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